Posted by: Best Selling Novel | December 3, 2011

First draft… 240 days to go. Word Count 25256

Word Count 25256

It has been a while.   I’d like to think I’m still on track despite my rather shallow line on the progress chart.  Although I’m sure I’ll get there on time, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s not all about rapidly completing the task rather just enjoying the journey.  While that, to some, may sound surprisingly articulate for me, I’m sure most of you will see it as a cleverly disguised excuse for taking the fabled role of the tortoise in this particular race.   There is some truth in it though as I do want to enjoy it so there’s no need getting too hung up on deadlines.

It has been an eye-opening month for me.  As the writers amongst you may know, there is such thing as NaNoWriMo.  No, I haven’t just fallen on my keyboard.  For those of you who wish to delve further:  To save you time, it’s a competition that anyone can enter to write a novel of 50,000 words.  In November.  Just November.  Yep, one month.  And not even a 31-dayer.

If you don’t write and are following this just through curious obsession, you may think, as I did before I started writing, ‘meh, that sounds fine.’  Obviously now I have a book to write so this has more relevance and I’ve been keeping this at the back of my mind during November.

I’m sure we’ve all written a panic 1500-word essay the night before it’s due but now imagine doing more than this every night for a month and, in most people’s cases, do a full-time job too.  At the moment, I do try to write some book every night but with a pretty full-on full-time job, the thought of doing the best part of 2000 words every night only gives me more respect for the people who do it.  So if any of you have done it or even thought about it, I’d be super keen to hear about it.

Perhaps as I become more of a seasoned writer (don’t laugh) I’ll look back on those comments and tut at what an amateur I sound.  I can only hope so.  I can also hope the pound gets stronger, holidays get cheaper and the government decide it’s unfair after all to put a tax on petrol.

Anyway, I’m enjoying a sudden spurt in word count at the moment so I will be getting back to you more regularly as the first draft continues to take shape.   The main protagonist is currently getting lulled further out of his comfort zone but he’s currently making more money than he does even as a banker.  It’s easier writing when the storyline gets exciting.

That’s enough now.  Any more from me and you’ll wonder why I thought it’d be difficult writing 50000 words in a month.



  1. Actually, 1667 words wasn’t too difficult to manage. For me, that’s one or two scenes. It’s the habit of doing it every. single. day. that was a challenge for me. And then catching up at the end after taking a week off for the holidays. My last day, I had to write over 6,000 words to make the finish line. It was kind of a rush though, too.

    Looks like you’re doing pretty good on your own word count. Good job!

    • Doing it day after day would certainly take it out of me. Especially a 6000-word marathon on the final day; worth it in the end though. I gues it’s just a case of getting into the routine of it. Would love to try it one year, perhaps next year! To the veritable amateur like me, it sure seems a great achievement!

      Thanks, I’m getting there. A couple of 6000-word days in the next few months would certainly do me some good… 🙂

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