Posted by: Best Selling Novel | May 13, 2011

Another Imaginatively Titled First Draft Post

Word Count 2300

You’d be forgiven to think that you’re reading the previous post but if you look carefully, the word count has increased albeit very slightly.  I also need to find a method of naming my first draft posts.  Since I imagine there are going to be countless posts detailing my first draft exploits, I’m running out of creative ways of heading them.  I draw the line at First Draft 1, First Draft 2 – that really makes compelling reading.

I’ll leave that with you anyway.  So, why the apparent lack of progress over the last couple of days?  Although the word count has crept forward by a timid 80 words, I have spent a little time writing a couple of notes about the work I’ve done so far.  That way, when I come to go over it for the second time, I’ll remember what I wanted to add.  I’ve got to make sure I don’t spend longer writing notes about what I want to write than actually writing the story itself though.  Confused?  I will be if I get too deep into that loop.

Blimey, I am becoming slightly philosophical about why I don’t appear to have written a great deal, trying to sound like a proper writer!  Deep down, the fact I’ve had a couple of busy days at work and a squash match have held me up a bit.  And if I’m feeling completely honest, The Apprentice and Sky+ are probably the greatest culprits here.

( – in case you’re not from Britain – I don’t want anyone wondering what I’m talking about and why I need an Apprentice.  The best business brains in Britain?  We’re in big trouble if that’s the case.)

This neatly draws attention to another one of my novel-writing vices – TV.  I must stop getting distracted by it.  This is yet further advice that I’m trying to take heed of from a blog which has helped me get my writing act together a lot over the past couple of weeks –

Still, the sun is out today, a bit of a surprising trend for England in May, and the weekend ahead is a welcoming prospect for getting stuck into a bit more.  After a bit of research, I’ve got some background to write into the novel now.  The first couple of chapters have had a great deal of narrative to get the reader involved and interested.  Now it’s about time the scene is set a little better.

In the meantime, I’ve got to think of something other than ‘First Draft 4’ to start my next post with.

I also promise I’ll have conquered my 80 word hurdle the next time you hear from me; although it’s odd that one of my longest posts covers the smallest amount written.

Hmm, a lot to say when not a lot has really happened – they should snap me up for Anglia News.

(Again for a more complete life fulfilment for those who don’t know it, hold on to your hats:  –


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